Ahwelah - 2015


  • Boardgame
  • Serious Game
  • Race
  • Survival
  • ZHdK

Primary Roles

  • Game Design


  • Julia Bohren


Ahwelah is based on documentaries about polar expeditions. It can be played by up to six players. Every player starts at one of the outer black hexagonal fields. Whoever manages to race to the center and back to his starting position wins the game. Players can choose to play with a dog sled, horses or as a single person expedition with skies and a kite. The board consists of three layers, each representing a different quality of ice. Depending on the type of expedition, a player can move faster, move more efficiently or start the game with a higher number of ressources. To move, players can invest an amount of ressources. The amount that is required to move to a field depends on its quality of ice. Ability cards grant an advantage or slow down an opponent. If an expedition runs out of ressources they die and lose the game. Therefore players have to decide to either take a safer route along yellow ressource piles or to go for a more direct, riskier plan.